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Coaching is a powerful way to provide individuals with personalised one on one development to help discover potential, elevate leadership capability and accelerate business results.

We take the time to listen, observe and understand our client’s needs. We provide support to enhance their existing strengths, skills and resources. We seek to draw out solutions and strategies that people can use in many facets of their lives.


We help individuals take positive, purposeful steps toward development, change and growth. 



Our Coaching programs are driven by our purpose to help people live and lead in extraordinary ways.

All our work is supported by the following principles:


Research supported: We are informed by the latest research in adult learning & development, the science of leadership, performance and psychological well-being.

Solution focussed: We focus on finding solutions, we build on individual strengths, and find positive ways forward.

Needs based: Our coaching programs are tailored and based on individual and organisational needs. 

Results driven: We measure impact and return on investment.



executive coaching

Elevating potential and professional development through nurturing individual talents and aligning them to clear business goals.

Team coaching

Building team dynamics for peak performance.

assessments & debriefs

Raising self-awareness for actions and change through diagnostic tools.


Roni Robertson, Senior Marketing Manager

Silke provided a very nurturing and safe environment and really encouraged me to break through some of my hard wired thinking and ingrained behavioural patterns

Abigail Isacowitz, Senior Marketing Manager

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From individual and team coaching to assessments and debriefs, we offer end to end coaching services and support.


Our individual coaching programs facilitate transformation and professional development.


They are tailored to an individual's situation and needs and may include the following coaching focus areas;

Human Quotient Coaching: Designed for individuals who want to boost performance, productivity and well-being.

Career Coaching: Designed for people and organisations that want to ensure an intentional and engaged career journey.

Technical expert to People Leader: Designed for people at the start of their leadership journey who want to  become more effective and influential people leaders.

Leading with Purpose: Designed for those who want to gain a deeper appreciation of their leadership style and are supported to make the behavioural changes needed.

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Our Team Coaching programs support teams in improving performance through reflection and dialogue.

With an ever-evolving and rapidly changing environment, organisations need to look for new ways to engage their teams and maximise the efficiency of their employees in order to remain ahead of their competitors


Benefits of team coaching include improved team performance, engagement, accountability, productivity, goal attainment, innovation and staff retention.

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Designed to raise self-awareness for action and change, our assessment and debriefs help unlock the ability to understand human interactions, connections and team dynamics.

Human Quotient coaches are fully accredited to deliver and interpret Hogan’s Leadership Forecast Series and Insight Series. 

These are comprehensive five-factor personality assessments, based upon the science of personality, which enables leaders to better understand their identity, reputation, strengths, values, motivations, areas for development, blind spots and potential derailers.


These assessments support organisations to select the right people, develop talented employees, build great leaders and positively impact the bottom line. From pre-hire selection to executive-level development, Hogan’s assessments can be used at all levels in an organisation.

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