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We are here to help you live and lead in extraordinary ways.

Executive Coaching

Silke provided a very nurturing and safe environment and really encouraged me to break through some of my hard wired thinking and ingrained behavioural patterns.” 

Roni Robertson, Senior Marketing Manager

What is Executive Coaching?


Our individual coaching programs are an ongoing, collaborative partnership.


We take the time to listen, observe and understand our client’s needs. We provide support to enhance the existing strengths, skills and resources of each individual.


We seek to draw out solutions and strategies that people can use in many facets of their lives. And we help individuals take positive, purposeful steps toward development, change and growth. 

All our coaching programs are based on individual or organisational needs. 

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Human Quotient Approach


Our coaching programs are driven by our purpose to discover possibility and elevate the potential of individuals, teams and organisations.

Solution focussed: Our coaching approach is solution-focussed, strengths-based and goal oriented.

Research supported: Our approach is informed by the latest research in adult learning & development, the science of leadership, performance and psychological well-being. 

Needs based: Our one-on-one coaching programs are tailored and based on individual and organisational needs. 

Results driven: Our coaching programs elevate potential, performance and well-being at work and in life. They deliver results.

Do you want to live and lead in extraordinary ways?

Focus Areas


Our coaching programs are tailored to an individual's situation and needs. Some examples of the areas that we may focus on include:

Technical expert to People Leader: We work with individuals transitioning from technical expert to people leader roles.

Elevating your Human Quotient: We work with individuals to establish clarity of purpose, heighten self-awareness, empathy and perspective taking capability.

Improve Communication: We work with individuals to improve how they engage and communicate with staff and key stakeholders to get results.

Leading with Purpose: Motivate and lead your teams with passion and purpose

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