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Change Consulting

Our holistic blend of change management services and deeply skilled change professionals enable us to create dynamic change programs that engage the hearts and minds of people, and deliver results.

Silke Linke, CEO & Founder



At Human Quotient, we are passionate about the people agenda of business change. 


We view change as dynamic and emerging. We understand that organisations are complex social systems. So, we don’t take a standard one-size-fits-all approach.

With our holistic blend of change management services and deeply skilled change professionals we create dynamic change programs to engage the hearts and minds of people.

We’ve established a sustained track record of successful change programmes, supporting businesses through transition, transformation and technology enabled change.

Do you want to accelerate and embed long lasting, impactful change in your organisation?

Human Quotient Approach


We blend the art & science of change: We imagine new possibilities.  We have conversations to uncover assumptions, beliefs and values. We use reason and intuition. We embrace diversity of viewpoints. 

We involve & inspire your people: We tell the story of change. We engage your people with the vision of the future state. We capture the hearts and minds of your audience and minimise resistance to change. We equip leaders to confidently engage and lead change.

We design & deliver change: We establish the rationale for change, we accelerate change and make it sustainable. We build change capability into the fabric of your business.

We creatively engage your people: We convey your messages through smart visuals in channels that have maximum impact with your audience.

Enhance performance: We rapidly equip your people with the skills they need through flexible and specialised learning that meets the requirements of both the business and end users.

Focus Areas


Our change programs are tailored to an organisations challenges and culture. Some examples of the areas that we may focus on include:

Transition: We work with you to navigate your organisation to a new future state. This may include new leadership, new systems, new processes or a new location.

Transformation: We work with you to define radical, fundamental shifts in your business. This may include digital transformation, culture transformation, organisational restructure, operational excellence and performance programs.

Find out how Human Quotient can help you create dynamic change programs that deliver results.