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We are here to help you live and lead in extraordinary ways.



Who we are

Human Quotient is a people growth and development company.

We are scientific practitioners, leadership specialists, change experts and thought leaders.

We provide research-supported coaching programs and change consulting services to individuals and organisations. 

Our programs are supported by the science of leadership, performance and psychological well-being. They are proven to shift mindsets, behaviours and physiology.

We bring a diverse range of knowledge, expertise and industry know-how. This enables us to deliver dynamic experiences that facilitate discovery, growth, well-being, performance and success. 

Do you want to live and lead in extraordinary ways? Human Quotient can help.


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to guide our clients to live and lead in extraordinary ways. 


We do this by discovering possibility and elevating human potential.


Change, growth and success takes more than just sharp intellect and emotional intelligence. As humans, we are complex and multi-dimensional. 


Our mental, emotional, meaning and physical quotients are interconnected and profoundly influence each other. 

A broader perspective is needed to transform the way we work and live.


An approach that considers the whole Human Quotient. a holistic and adaptive approach.

Do you want to transform the way you work and live? 



Our Values

These are our fundamental beliefs which guide our actions, decisions & behaviours. They are key to how we do business and how we build relationships with our clients.